We all know how heavy and inconvenient traditional dog leashes can be, usually because of the thick and bulky materials used by manufacturers. This unnecessary weight is often passed onto your doggy, especially if they like to carry the leash in their teeth. That’s why we were so excited when we saw this pawsome campaign on Kickstarter aiming to raise funds for creating the world’s lightweight leash without sacrificing the quality and strength:

The Kloudline leashes are made in USA from super-light (and super-strong) material called Dyneema®, and can be easily folded in carried in the pocket or purse. The idea is so popular that Kloudline campaign has already received more money than they asked for, and the pledges keep pouring in! We, too, pledged some of our money (which we earned by modeling and selling dog treats), and look forward to receiving our leashes soon! To learn more about amazing Kloudline leashes and back them in exchange for free goodies, go here.